Assistance Systems | Driving & Parking Assistance

Assistance Systems – Driving Smartly

In an endeavour to make driving vehicles safer and more enjoyable, Volkswagen offers a range of assistance systems that keep you on the road and out of trouble.

Some of the vehicles come with these features as standard or they can be added in as an extra in some instances.

Lane Assist, Side Assist & Brake Assist

Be warned not only when you are veering out of your lane but also if there is a vehicle in your blind spot that is hazardous if you are trying to change lanes. Helpful for highway driving and long journeys.

The Brake Assist will also recognise when a driver is attempting an emergency stop and engage the ABS and ESP to apply maximum braking power while still allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle. 


Park Pilot, Park Assist and Rear Assist

No matter how good your parking skills; there is always a situation where a bit of help is needed. The Park Pilot is the traditional auditory parking assist noise that beeps with increasing intensity depending on the proximity of another object (or vehicle). The Rear Assist feature is a visual aid that brings up a live feed of what is behind you from a camera onto the onboard computer. With built-in guidelines you can easily see how much space you have to manoeuvre.

Taking it a step further the Park Assist actually engages your vehicles sensors to find a suitable parking place and the vehicle will move itself into the parking space, taking control of the steering and gears. All the driver has to do is gently engage the accelerator and brake to control the speed of the vehicle based on the surrounding requirements.

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