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Overview Of The New VW Tiguan

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The reputed Cars.co.za offered an apt description when they described the new range of VW Tiguan: “extremely practical, versatile and, ultimately, a tool.” The description embodies not just all that you need to know about the new addition, but also all that we have come to expect from the German manufacturer. This review will include an overview of the new Tiguan and offer more detail as we peruse each model. The model is available in four different variants: 

  • Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI DSG (110kW)
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Life DSG (110kW)
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI R-Line DSG (110kW)
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TSI R-Line 4Motion DSG (162kW)

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In terms of appearance, the noted facelift lies in the details. There is a definite shift from the previous models for the VW Tiguan to enter into a space that is modern yet still retains recognizable VW lines. Whilst the range has not undergone a dramatic overhaul, there is something to be said about the Black Styling Package. Available to the R-Line in this model range, the package comprises a coat of black on the vehicle’s mirror caps and window border straps.

The R-Line logo is also visible on the radiator grille, not to mention that the Tiguan rests on 20” “Suzuka” alloy wheels. This welcome addition is a winner for two reasons: It is a dynamic smack of colour that adds an edge to an otherwise traditional and clean exterior. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of black and white creates a pleasing visual and allows the driver to add an element of individuality to an otherwise standard SUV.

VW_Tiguan _Lifestyle_Silver Grey

Consistent claims of technology and innovation are true as we venture further into the interior of the new VW Tiguan. VW’s focus on tech is clear as day with its offer of a beautifully lit-up Digital Cockpit pro and multifunction steering wheel. There is also a mindful touch of ambiance with the LED lighting, which creates a welcoming atmosphere for passengers. Whilst there are noted murmurs mentioning that the touch display can become cumbersome, it is a slight complaint when we acknowledge the clear step up in interior aesthetics.

The most obvious detail with regards to the interior, however, lies in the sheer space that the Tiguan offers. Volkswagen was generous here, and three large adults can fill up the rear space with ease. There is a focus on comfort and sufficient head and legroom for all occupants of the car. The feeling of comfort is also present when we look at the new VW Tiguan’s overall drive and performance.


The true measure of the new Tiguan's overall performance is found when we hit the motorway. It exudes reassurance and confidence, all the while providing solid steering. Like most SUVs, the seating is positioned slightly higher, yet the new range is not focused on being a brute performer when we look at its speed.

Most Tiguan models clock up a maximum speed of 200km/h and the fuel consumption is moderate as well. However, the new Tiguan’s competitors could nip it to the finish line, especially if this is an aspect that is important to the consumer. VW has instead placed its effort into providing a drive that is quiet, solid, and most of all, comfortable.

VW_Tiguan _Parking_Exterior_Road

The new range is also priced fairly, with the entry model Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI DSG costing R547 900, whilst the top of the range Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TSI R-Line 4Motion DSG weighs in at R746 400. It is on par with its nearest competitors, especially when we consider the number of extras that the models towards the top of the range offer.

VW_Tiguan _Exterior _House_Parked

To obtain a full view of the new VW Tiguan’s specifications, download our brochure here. Better yet, locate an approved CFAO Volkswagen Dealership near you and put the pedal to the metal as you book a test drive here.  Let’s examine the new models in the Tiguan range more closely.

New Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI DSG (110kW)

Side view of VW__Tiguan

The entry model to the range, the VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI DSG is certainly not lacking in features and general performance. What it lacks in its exterior wow factor it makes up for with reasonable pricing and solid 250Nm of torque.

PriceR547 900
Top Speed200km/h
Standout featuresCruise control with speed limiter, Voice control

New Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Life DSG (110kW)

Side view of Tiguan__Life

There is a noticeable difference with the second model in the range, the Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Life DSG. Volkswagen’s focus on technology is continued here with added extras in terms of innovation. To view a full list of specifications for this model, download our brochure here.

PriceR617 300
Top Speed200km/h
Standout featuresClimatronic air conditioner, Optional Harman Kardon system.

New Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI R-Line DSG (110kW)

Side view of Tiguan__R-Line

There is a noticeable increase in the safety options that the third model in our range, the VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI R-Line DSG offers. Furthermore, here is where VW up its aesthetics stakes with the offer of the Black Style Package, which becomes available with this model.

PriceR677 400
Top Speed200km/h
Standout featuresOptional Black Style Package, LED headlights for low beam and high beam with LED separate daytime running lights, and dynamic cornering lights.

New Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TSI R-Line 4Motion DSG (162kW)

Side view of Tiguan___2.0

The new VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI R-Line 4Motion DSG (162kW) is the flagship model in this series, and it embodies all the elements of comfort, performance, and innovation. Its striking exterior is matched with an equally impressive drive. Have a look at this model's full specifications here.

PriceR746 400
Top Speed225km/h
Standout featuresFour-wheel-drive 4Motion system, Ambient lighting 30 colours.

Nothing trumps experience, however, book a test drive and provide testament to this range’s impressive driving experience.

VW Tiguan FAQs

Is the new VW Tiguan reliable?

J.D Power has given the VW Tiguan a reliability ranking of 76 out of 100. This effectively means that the vehicle has scored a ranking of “average” according to the system.

Is the VW Tiguan worthwhile?

Upon scoring, most owners of the VW Tiguan gave the vehicle standard and medium scores. Factors such as seat versatility and boot space were ranked the highest.

On average, is VW Tiguans expensive to maintain?

Research has shown, in comparison with most SUVs, that the VW Tiguan is above average to maintain.

How long can you expect the VW Tiguan to last?

If the driver ensures proper maintenance of their Tiguan, they can be sure that the vehicle will last anything between 13-17 years.

How comfortable is the new VW Tiguan?

Comfort is one of the factors that the Tiguan is renowned for. You can be assured that the Tiguan is spacious, comfortable, and one of the best-looking SUVs currently on the market.

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Make Room For Comfort

It is natural to draw comparisons between models, especially when observing the already saturated SUV market. Questions aplenty about the fastest, the cheapest, and the easiest to maintain, are all valid. However, Volkswagen has added an interesting question of its own with the release of the new VW Tiguan. Whilst it certainly ticks many of the boxes for any in the market for a competitive SUV, its focus on comfortability vs the ability to gun down a motorway at record speed raises this: Are all the bells, whistles, pops, and trimmings really necessary? Especially given that most owners of the new VW Tiguan have ranked its spacious interior and boot as one of its highlights, one can’t help but make room for comfort.

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