Volkswagen Infotainment | Navigation | Radio | Sound Systems

Infotainment Systems

Volkswagen vehicles come with a range of sound and navigation systems, either as standard or they can be added in.

Radio Players

Three various systems (RCD 210, RCD 310 & RCD 510) offer a variety of solutions in terms of radio and sound playing. Depending on the model you can have phone connectivity, touch screen options and MP3, AUX-IN and CD input. These radio systems are designed to make your drive more enjoyable and safer.

Radio Navigation Systems

Three RNS systems (310, 510 & 850) combine standard radio and sound playing systems with a car navigation feature. The higher end models also offer touch screen capabilities and DVD players that allow for entertainment on long drives for your passengers.

Car Sound Systems

With the ability to choose between the Volkswagen sound system and the DynAudio sound system; you will almost never want to leave your car. The Volkswagen sound system offers up to 10 loudspeakers and a 300-watt output. For a premium experience that transports you into your entertainment, try the DynAudio sound system. This system comes standard in some of our higher end vehicles.

Multimedia interfaces

Connect your media device through a USB or AUX-IN ports or iPod connectors that can be well hidden in the glove compartment or centre console. A 6-CD changer can also be installed either in the glove compartment, in the armrest or under the passenger seat.

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