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Finance Calculator

Purchasing a vehicle on finance can seem daunting, especially if it is you first vehicle. With different options for deposits, residuals, varying interest rates and on-the-road costs, there is a lot to navigate. That is why we have trained financial experts at each dealership that are able to assist you with applying for finance as well as sourcing insurance for your next vehicle. Car finance is no longer a scary road with CFAO Volkswagen.

Below we have a car finance calculator that will allow you to work out roughly what an instalment will be based on the deposit and interest rate you can get. This is just an estimate and not an actual offer, so be sure to talk to our F&I team in detail for a more accurate quote. If you are ready to purchase right now, you can fill out our detailed online application form for vehicle finance. This will go directly to your chosen closest dealer who can assist you in finalising the deal. Please remember to have all the correct documents ready (pay slips, ID books, proof of residence etc.) so we can process your application quickly. All of our finance applications are processed either through Volkswagen finance or the major banks and financial services providers in South Africa.

If you just want to talk to one of our team for some advice then fill out our quick-contact ‘Ask an Expert’ form and we will call you back.

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